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Graduation Information and Policy

The Diamond View School Graduation Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 5th at 7:00pm at the Lassen County Fairgrounds Livestock Pavilion.
Requirements to Graduate:
  • Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above from the eighth grade.
  • Students must have less than 3 demerits.
  • Students must have been continuously enrolled at Diamond View School for the entire third trimester.
  • Students must have passed the United States Constitution Test.
Plan for Graduation Morning:  
Arrive to Diamond View by 8:25 am. 8th grade graduates will be bussed over to the fairgrounds at 8:45 am. 8th grade students who are not eligible to participate in graduation will remain at Diamond View.  
Our annual 8th grade breakfast will be at Diamond View School  
Graduation Practice 
Graduation practice will take place at the Lassen County Fairgrounds Livestock Pavilion from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. ALL 8TH GRADE GRADUATES ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND. 8th grade students will return to Diamond View after practice and all parents should plan to pick up their 8th grade students at 11:30 am. ALL 8th graders must be picked up at this time. Please make transportation arrangements ahead of time. 
Evening of Graduation 
Graduates need to be at Diamond View School at 6:00pm on Wednesday. The graduation gowns will be passed out on the stage in the multipurpose room. Students will put their graduation gowns on and then board a school bus to the college. ALL graduating students are required to ride the bus to the fairgrounds. Parents, family, and friends with tickets are asked to go on to the fairgrounds after dropping their student off at Diamond View.  
Graduation Dance 
The graduation dance, sponsored by 8th grade parents, will take place in the Diamond View multipurpose room.  The dance will end at 10:30 pm. Diamond View 8th Grade Graduates will be the only students allowed to attend the dance.  Sorry, no guests. 
“How Should I Dress for Graduation??” 
    • Boys are expected to wear a button up shirt and dress pants, a tie is recommended. 
  • Girls should wear a dress, skirt, or dress pants with a blouse. Please make sure that clothing is appropriate. Dresses and skirt length should follow dress code guidelines. No backless dresses, bare midriffs or low-cut tops. 
  • No shorts. 
  • Please ask ahead of time if you have any questions about clothing. 
Costs:  $10.00 
    • Students rent their graduation gowns. The rental charge is $5.00.  This will be collected in the school office starting May 18th. Please make sure that your student pays by check (payable to Diamond View School) or has exact change. 
  • We ask that parents donate $5.00 to the 8th grade class to help cover the cost of the dance. This donation will be used to pay for the cake, punch, decorations, DJ, pizza & soda at the dance.This may be included in the check for the graduation gown.  
Other Important Information: 
Graduation Tickets:
Each graduate will receive 8 tickets for graduation. Graduation tickets will be available for pick up in the Diamond View Office after designated pick up time.
Graduation Photos: Greg Wallace will be taking photos at the Diamond View Graduation Ceremony and photo packages are available. A form will be sent home soon or can be picked up in the office. 
Last Day of School:
Students must attend school on Thursday, following graduation. Yearbooks and report cards will be distributed on Thursday. Since graduates will be out late the night before, 8th grade students will have a late start on Thursday, June 8th. Eighth grade students should be to school by 9:30 am.  
Attendance the last week of school is very important as the 8th grade class will be practicing for the graduation ceremony throughout the week.  
Textbooks, library materials, lunch charges, and flash drives must be turned in and accounted for prior to graduation.  

All textbooks, library materials, lunch charges, Chromebooks, chargers must be turned in and accounted for before graduation and receiving tickets for the ceremony.