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District Wide Broadcast Message

Welcome to Diamond View Middle School

Last Updated 1/27/21
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Hello Diamond View Family,
I hope you have had a relaxing and healthy winter break. We have missed having you on campus and look forward to seeing you back on campus tomorrow morning. We will definitely miss our 6th-grade green cohort this week and will be looking forward to having you back on January 11th.
As a school family, we are going to have to work together to keep our school open. Please read through this tonight, and as you prepare to return to campus tomorrow, there are a few things to remember.
  • Get organized.
Bring back your textbooks, journals, notebooks, etc. If you have any school books at home, they need to come with you to school tomorrow.
  • Help us slow the spread.
Bring your mask. Masks, unless you have a medical exemption, are non-negotiable. You will have your mask on at all times in the buildings. If you are outside, you can take your mask off as long as you maintain an appropriate six-foot distance from your peers. Students that refuse to keep their masks on will be sent home, and options to move to a distance learning platform will be offered. Mask guidelines can be found  
If you are not feeling well, please stay home. We know you are excited to return to school, and we are definitely excited to see you, but due to Covid and procedures we have in place, you cannot be at school if you are not well. If you have quarantine orders from the health department, you also are not allowed on campus. Please reach out to your teachers to make up work and missing assignments. If your family is under quarantine orders and do not have someone available to pick up your work for you, please let us know, and arrangements can be made to deliver it to you.
Use sanitizer and wash your hands. Sanitizer is on every wall of every classroom. Use it when you enter and exit the rooms. In the restrooms, we now have fancy touchless faucets. Check them out and use them when you are in the restrooms.
  • Chromebooks
If you checked out a Chromebook from the school for distance learning, you now have two options.
  • Return the Chromebook and charger to school to your homeroom teacher.
  • Keep your Chromebook checked out for the remainder of the school year. You are welcome to keep your Chromebook at home for the remainder of the year to use for homework or have on hand for possible cohort closures that go into distance learning. Please remember that if you choose this option, just like textbooks or library books, you are responsible for returning these by the end of the school year, and you are responsible for lost or damaged Chromebooks.
The gates tomorrow will open at 7:45 AM. We look forward to seeing you soon. Please give the school a call tomorrow if you have any questions or concerns.
-Mrs. Heimbigner
Grade/ Stable Learning Groups Teachers Status
6th Grade- Yellow Solomon & West In-Person
6th Grade- Green  Jenner & McIntyre In-Person
7th Grade- Purple  Loiler & Sheridan  In-Person
7th Grade- Orange Cragg & Smith In-Person
8th Grade- Blue Hedges- Pool, Martin, Nielsen, West In-Person

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You can log into your CLEVER Portal and find a link to your teacher's zoom links. 

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Welcome to Diamond View Middle School. We are a comprehensive middle school that serves sixth, seventh and eighth grade. At Diamond View School our core values are respect, responsibility, trust, and achievement. Our fantastic instructional staff are instructional leaders who specialize in their academic subjects to provide rich learning environments for your students using the most current instructional methods and frequent assessments to ensure all students are thriving in the classroom.

Our school uses Common Core adopted curriculum in both English-language arts and math. The Common Core standards were developed through a national movement to establish a consistent and clear set of education standards for students in the United States. These learning goals help to ensure that all students meet college and career readiness standards and are prepared to succeed in a global economy. They provide a rigorous content and application of higher knowledge thinking. Teachers are also using the Next Generation Science Standards and beginning to transition to the new California adopted Social Studies Framework.

Diamond View School’s number one priority is to provide a safe learning environment for student growth and achievement. High expectations and rules of conduct are clearly communicated to all students and are consistently enforced. Students and staff show respect to one another and a community of academic achievement and good citizenship is achieved. We always encourage parents to partner in their child’s education and welcome participation in school activities. This year we have adopted the YOUTH POSITIVE program, the program helps support student acquire skills to reinforce good decision making skills, emotional management, and communication skills.  

We are proud to offer a comprehensive middle school experience. Along with the core instruction our students attend Science, Social Studies and PE periods daily. Students have access to state of the art technology including computer labs and chrome books, library and other support services and designated technology skills instruction. As we look to the 2017-18 school year we are excited to offer some structured electives where students rotate through some extra classes such as Spanish, art, STEM based math and science as well as more during their split lunch period. We encourage all students to participate in the Extended Learning Program, where students can receive extra academic support and help with homework.

Diamond View School has a school wide student council program with elected officers and representatives from each grade level. These student leaders help facilitate many extra-curricular activities including rallies, dances, merit shop, art club, debate, and book club. We offer many after school activities including Drill Team. Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball, Girl’s Volleyball, Cross Country, Track, School Newspaper, GATE, Drama Club, Yearbook, Geography Bowl, and Spelling Bee.

At Diamond View School we seek to support all learners in a safe and supportive environment. We have Panther Pride!
A portrait of Mrs. Heimbigner