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Diamond View PE

Message from Coach Hartrum:

Message from Coach Hartrum:

Hello Students/Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to Physical Education! At Diamond View we are proud to be able to offer you/your student top notch, middle school level, instruction in physical fitness, sport, skill development, nutrition, and overall healthy living. Coach Wright and I share a passion for helping young people be the best versions of themselves, and living healthy lives plays such a huge role in that. We love to see young people achieve their goals and watch their confidence grow. 

Here is a little of my background. I was born and raised in Susanville and I am so thankful to be teaching in my home community. I am a fully credentialed Physical Education and Social Science Education teacher. I completed my teaching credential and Master’s degree at UC Davis. Prior to attending UC Davis, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University. While completing my undergraduate degree I worked for the US Forest Service as a seasonal Wildland Firefighter and EMT from 2010-2019. During my time teaching at the high school level I was the head wrestling coach for four seasons and I still have a great love for youth athletics. This will be my ninth year teaching, four years teaching at the high school level, two years teaching in corrections, and two years at the middle school level. I have a broad range of experience in athletics and fitness. As for organized sports I am a proud Grizzly Alumni who played football, baseball, and wrestled. At the collegiate level I played rugby at San Diego State. I have a broad range of experience in extreme sports and recreation with a basic level of experience in most extreme sports and higher levels of experience in snowboarding, skiing, golfing, trail running, backpacking, mountain biking, and dirt bike riding. I also have a broad range of experience in fitness training, ranging from distance running to power lifting, from specific sport training to wildland firefighter fitness training, from training middle-age adults to small children, and from high level competitive training to basic rehabilitative injury recovery and prevention training. 

If you see me at a school event, or around town, please introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you, and getting to know your students.

It's another great year to be a Panther! See you out there!
Mr. Hartrum
Make-Up Assignment / Independent Study Assignment - Physical Education

Make-Up Assignment / Independent Study Assignment - Physical Education

Make-Up Assignment Options:

Option 1: Fitness Routine
Option 2: Sport Skill Technique
Option 3: Outdoor Recreation
Option 4: Healthy Meal Preparation

Once you select an option, follow these steps:
  • 1. Research your topic: Write one paragraph explaining what you learned in your research. This should include details and thorough explanation. This means if you chose Healthy Meal Preparation you might list the meal ingredients and explain how they are prepared and how they are healthy. If you chose Outdoor Recreation and you researched fishing techniques, you might explain the details of the technique and gear used to execute the technique. Please include informal citation information (Title, Author, Link, etc).
  • 2. Try what you have learned: This means if you researched gear used by a famous mountaineer, then you might go on a hike. If you watched a YouTube tutorial on how to properly perform a kickflip on a skateboard, then you might go practice that technique. Whatever you do, make sure you get parental permission and make sure you are safe. Be sure to choose research items that you know you can execute safely. This step should be a minimum of 30 minutes in duration.
  • 3. Reflect on your efforts: Write one paragraph explaining how you put what you learned into practice. Explain what you learned from the experience. Explain what was a success and what you would change for next time.
Note: (Please Read)
  • Paragraphs are 4-10 sentences.
  • Research should be done with parental approval, but this is pretty informal. Articles, books, YouTube videos, coaching from your uncle who is knowledgeable on the topic, just go learn something that gets you one step closer to healthy living and physical fun. 
  • All absences, or days of excused non-participation due to medical reasons in PE, must be made up within one week of absence, unless student chooses to attend ELOP to earn credit for the absence, in which case they have until the close of progress report/trimester grade acceptance.
  • Credit for absences, or extra credit, can be earned by attending Physical Fitness ELOP sessions instead of completing Make-Up Work Assignment. 
  • One assignment should be completed per absence. 
  • This assignment is to earn credit for absences only, not to be used as extra credit. 
  • This assignment is graded, fully completing the outlined tasks will earn full credit. Anything less than full completion will be graded accordingly with a maximum score of 50%.
Syllabus - Physical Education

Syllabus - Physical Education

(Please reach out if you have any questions about the content of this syllabus. The best way to do this is via email on Schoolwise.)

  • Increase knowledge and interest in fitness, athletics, and healthy living.
  • Develop physical skillset that allows for lifelong fitness, recreation, and health.
  • Improve muscle strength, muscle endurance, speed, flexibility, knowledge, aerobic capacity, body composition, and overall ability to live a healthy and active life.
  • Improve leadership skills, public speaking skills, and ability to work as a team. 
  • Develop skillset required to be an active and competent citizen.
  • Grow as students and individuals to be fully prepared for high school.
Sportsmanship Expectations:

  • Safety is top priority. Consider the safety of others in all you do. Your actions will not be allowed to jeopardize the safety of others.
  • Always do your best. Hold yourselves to a high standard. Choose to have your
    actions reflect your true character and the person that you want to be. Choose to get a
    little better each day. Do not let your past define you, choose to be the
    best version of yourself today. We all have different ability levels, compare your performance to your personal progress rather than the performance of others.

  • Respect is everything.
  • Respect the learning environment. One person can damage the learning environment for an
    entire class. Each person is expected to do their part in maintaining an
    environment in which all students can focus, learn, participate, and put
    forth their best effort. Disruptive conduct will be addressed as an
    effort to keep all other students from learning.
  • Respect each other. We do not have to like each other, but we will respect each
    other. This is our community. We all need to feel safe, comfortable, and
    able to learn/participate in our community. All disrespectful conduct
    directed toward another student will be addressed as an attempt to make
    that student feel unsafe and unwelcome.
  • Respect the teacher. I chose to become a teacher because I wanted to help people
    become the best versions of themselves. When a student disrespects their
    teacher, they distract from this mission. Student disrespect will be
    addressed as an attempt to distract the teacher from helping students.
  • Respect the program. I have designed this PE program to help you grow in your
    physical development. This program will contribute to building strength,
    speed, endurance, flexibility, knowledge, and your overall ability to
    live a quality life full of fun and recreation. When you choose to
    disrespect the program, either through arrogance or apathy, you undermine
    the efforts of the program, therefore refusing to grow personally and
    inhibiting your classmates from growing as much as they could. This will
    not be tolerated.
  • “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” –Plato. We see each
    other every day, but most of the time we don’t know what is really going
    on in each other’s lives. Be a part of making people’s lives better, not worse.
  • Passive aggressive actions are hurtful. Words matter. Body language matters. Be kind.
  • On a moment by moment basis we have the opportunity to be kind and to uplift. You don’t
    know when your kindness will make a difference in someone’s life, choose to be kind. 
  • If you don't have anything kind to say, don't say anything at all. If you have a genuine concern, you should have that conversation with the person in private. 
  • To keep athletics and fitness fun, we must win, lose, and train with grace and humility.
  • We all walk in with different ability levels, knowledge levels, experience levels, and
    development levels. Our goal is to be the best versions of ourselves, and
    to encourage those around us to grow and to be the best versions of
  • Confidence v. Arrogance
  • Humility v. Self Hate

  • Schoolwise: Students and parents should check Schoolwise grades weekly. All grades in
    Schoolwise are as current as possible. Grades are updated once per week.
  • Google Classroom: If there is ever a question, please check the Google Classroom
    first. I try and keep all critical information updated in Google
    Classroom Announcements. See below for more on Google Classroom.
  • Please ensure parent/guardian email is current in Schoolwise. This is one of
    the ways I will reach out with important messages and updates. Call the
    school office if you need assistance with this, 257-5144.
  • TALK TO YOUR TEACHER, this means that YOU, the student, should talk to ME first. Please don’t
    hesitate to talk to me. Parents and Guardians, please encourage your
    student to talk to me first, this is great preparation for high school
    and beyond. 
  • ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF, if you have a need, I will likely never know unless you talk to
    me. Don’t wait until the last minute, talk to me right away.
  • Please email me on Schoolwise if you need anything. I do my best to respond within one
    business day. I try and give all of myself to my students while I am at
    school and all of myself to my family while I am at home, so I do not
    check email at home.
  • Grades will be updated in Schoolwise once per week.
Daily Grade Breakdown:
  • Participation: 6 points
  • Sportsmanship: 2 points
  • Teamwork: 2 points
  • Total of 10 points per day.

  • Participation: To receive full credit in this category, students must participate at
    maximum effort from warm-up to cool-down. Maximum effort will earn the
    full 6 available participation points. Average effort will earn 5
    participation points. Less than average effort will result in 4-0
    participation points. If students are not wearing appropriate PE attire, they lose 2 participation points for the day. This means if students choose to not wear proper clothing and footwear for
    PE the maximum grade they can earn for that day is 80%, or 8 points. 
  • Sportsmanship: To receive full credit in this category, students must show
    sportsmanship from warm-up to cool-down. Students must play by the
    rules, show respect to one another in competition and personal fitness,
    show respect for the PE program and it's leaders, and show grace and humility
    in winning and losing.
  • Teamwork: To receive full credit in this category students must be good teammates;
    encouraging, teaching, and including their peers.
Absences and Make-Up Credit:
Students have the opportunity to earn credit for days they missed PE, and for days they
did not earn full credit in PE, by attending the ELOP Physical Training sessions held Monday-Friday, 7:30-8:20am. With full effort in these sessions, students have the opportunity to earn full credit. Partial effort will earn partial credit or zero credit. 
Students can also complete one of the tasks on the Physical Education Make-Up Form to make up for absences. When students choose to do the PE Make-Up Form, they have one week after returning from their absence to submit completed work. These forms can be found on this Google Classroom page in the Announcements section.
ELOP Physical Training Schedule (7:30-8:20am) (Start Date TBD)
  • Monday: Body Weight Workout (Leg and Core Emphasis)
  • Tuesday: Track/Cardio
  • Wednesday: Body Weight Workout (Upper Body and Core Emphasis)
  • Thursday: Track/Cardio
  • Friday: Static Holds and Stretching
Active/Athletic Clothing and Shoes: 
Students must wear active/athletic clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather each class session. The majority of PE is conducted outside, students should dress to comfortably be active outdoors. Students should also be prepared to participate in indoor activity for days when we stay in the gym. Each day students should plan for a full class of vigorous physical activity, this means students should be ready to sweat and get dirty. For the sake of hygiene and classroom odor, designated clothing for PE is recommended, regardless of whether or not a student's outfit for the day would comply with PE requirements. All clothing must adhere to the school dress code.

Required Clothing and Footwear:
  • T-Shirt or athletic shirt.
  • Athletic shorts.
  • Sweatpants or athletic pants for cold outdoor activities.
  • Sweatshirt or athletic top for cold outdoor activities.
  • Tennis shoes/athletic shoes
Locker Room:
  • Students will be issued a small PE locker and lock at the beginning of the school year.
    I recommend keeping the following in your PE Locker: Shorts, Shirt, Shoes, Sweatshirt, deodorant, and towel. PE CLOTHING MUST BE WASHED A MINIMUM OF ONCE PER WEEK.
  • Showers will be made available to students, but are optional to use.
  • Items not allowed in lockers or the locker room: Spray deodorant, perfume, cologne, food or drink, or any perishable items.
  • Students are responsible for the cost of locks if they are lost. Personal locks are
    not allowed and will be cut.
  • Students are responsible to keep lockers locked at all times
    to prevent loss and theft. 
  • The school assumes NO responsibility for lost or
    stolen personal property. 
  • Students are allowed in the locker room only when supervised.
  • If students do not want to utilize locker rooms for changing clothes, they should simply come to school wearing approved PE attire. Students are not required to use the locker room, but they are required to wear approved PE attire for full participation credit. 
  • If there are any issues with locker room safety or appropriate/respectful use, locker room use will be modified. The first modification would be that lockers can still be used for safe storage, but changing of clothing will not be allowed. The second modification would be that all locker room use would be eliminated. 
Bathroom and Drinking Fountain:
  • Students will be given time at the beginning and end of the class to use the bathroom and get a drink of water.
  • If a student needs water during class time, they must bring water with them during our activities. Students will not be allowed to get water during class time as it would be unsupervised.
  • If students need to use the bathroom during class time, they will be permitted to do so three times per trimester. This is to account for emergency situations. If a student exceeds this amount, they will be allowed to use the restroom, but will be required to serve a detention as an incentive to use the bathroom during designated times. If there is a medical reason, that is documented with the office, to allow a student to use the bathroom outside of this policy, those modifications will be honored. 
Google Classroom: DV Physical Education
  • Class Code: smztk7h
  • Parents and students should join the Google Classroom for easy access to all
    information and documents for the class. Most content is found in "Announcements" section on the homepage.