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District Wide Broadcast Message

Welcome to a New School Year

Look Out Graduation, 'Cause Here We ComeTop of Page

Welcome to 8th grade - the capstone of your Diamond View experience!  
Every year is a new adventure, with new things to learn, discover and build. It is an opportunity to stretch the mind and the imagination to learn, grow and discover in ways that enlighten and encourage us. I believe that as we embark upon this journey together, that we'll all find ways to grow a little more, and to build the skills necessary for success in all of life's avenues.
I hope that as you enter into your classrooms over these first few weeks that you'll come to recognize that we, your teachers, are here for you - and that you - yes, you - are the key to your success. Don't look back - that was the old you. Look forward - to the you you wish to become, to your future, to your dreams, and your potential. Aim high, and don't sell yourself short. When you struggle, know that means growth. When you need help, learn to be your own advocate - we will help you. And when you succeed - yes, when (because you will) - know that you've got a whole team cheering for you, proud of your accomplishments, and ready to help you achieve the next step.
This is your year! Let's see you shine!

EXTENDED LEARNING - Watch for Starting DatesTop of Page

We offer a great Extended Learning Program (ELP) for students on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays directly after school until 3pm. This is the perfect place for your child to receive additional support and/or get his/her homework done. Students must be in a designated location and cannot just hang-out around the school campus. Please encourage your student to take advantage of this wonderful resource. Success doesn't happen on its own.
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