Welcome Back to School

Class Rules: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Prepared & Ready to Learn
   - Respect should be shown to all individuals. This includes other students, teachers, instructional assistants, all school staff, and guests. Additionally, respect is to be shown to all personal and school property and belongings.
     - Be Responsible Students need to understand and practice taking personal accountability. This includes owning up to actions, taking charge of personal learning, and completing assignments on time.  This also means being a problem-solver (i.e. figuring out when and how to complete an assignment). Students need to be largely held accountable for their decisions - recognizing that all actions have consequences, good and bad.
     - Be Prepared and Ready to Learn Students need to come to class ready to engage in learning. This allows us to utilize the time we have together to optimize learning. If a student does not come prepared to learn, he/she is wasting both mine and the class' time. Being prepared and ready to learn includes having your materials ready and being in your seat on time.
Students will receive no more than three warnings prior to receiving a detention. The number of warnings will be dependent upon the behavior as some behaviors will warrant immediate consequences. Some detentions may result in a demerit; and some actions may result in a direct demerit. (Please see the student handbook on disciplinary policies.)
                Whenever possible, I will try to get to the bottom of an issue before moving up the discipline scale. This may result in movement of a student within the classroom, or to refocus in another classroom.
Absent Work:
     Students who are absent are given one additional day to complete any work missed during the absence. If you would like to collect work on the day of an absence, please contact the office in the morning and I will do my best to help you out. Any work will be available in the office for pick up at the end of the school day for anyone who calls the office to request it in the appropriate time frame. Otherwise, students will need to collect missed work when they return to class. Remember, I am teaching classes most of the day and only have a small window of time during school hours to be able to get materials to the office. In some instances, assignments will need to be completed at the school after the student returns - such as when there are limited items that need to be shared.
      Planned absences will require the student to collect missing work prior to the absence, and to sign out the necessary textbooks from the school library. Planned absences require that all work be turned in the first day back in order to receive full credit. (Please see the handbook for more information on independent study.)
Missing / Late Assignments:
Assignments are expected to be done and turned in when assigned. Students turning in assignments late will receive the following grading consequences:
1 Trimester = a maximum grade of 80% on the assignment, NO credit after two weeks
2 Trimester = a maximum grade of 60% on the assignment, NO credit after two weeks
Additionally, as all assignments prior to a section assessment are designed to assist the student on that assessment, no credit will be given for assignments turned in after a section quiz or test has been taken. If the student has missed some class and has not yet completely made up these assignments, he/she should finish them prior to attempting the assessment. It will be up to the student to keep open communication with me regarding this need should it arise.
"Do one thing every day that scares you."

-- Eleanor Roosevelt